The Unusually Blue Black Dragon Halfmoon Plakat Betta Siamese Fighting Fish

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The Unusually Blue Black Dragon Halfmoon Plakat Betta Siamese Fighting Fish – The blue-black dragon betta fish is unusually betta fish. This betta fish variety is quite hard to find on the trade. Because it, sometimes the betta like that which good quality qualifying will have more expensive price than other betta types with the same quality.

The availability of this betta fish type is only at the breeders who bred this fish species.

As its name, this fish has a dragon scaling on its body where the characteristic of this type has heavy and thick scales. The dragon betta fish is one of the most popular betta fish types which many betta breeders produce this type with selectively cross-breed and results in many variants of dragon betta.

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The dragon betta now came with many combinations of tail and patterns. You can found that fish with a long or short tail, blue, red, metallic, or other coloration, and other variations.

You can buy the standard dragon betta fish at the local fish store, direct to the betta breeders or simply buy on Amazon or eBay.

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According to what said above, the blue-black dragon betta fish has a thicker scaling with black-based colors and has some blue color on the main body and fins. This betta categorized as Halfmoon Plakad Betta Fish or also known as “HMPK”. Let’s see this betta!!

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Buy The Blue-Black Dragon HMPK Betta On Amazon

Buy The Blue-Black Dragon HMPK Betta On eBay

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