The Most Cute Live Male Pure White Platinum Crowntail Betta Siamese Fighting Fish

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The Most Cute Live Male Pure White Platinum Crowntail Betta Siamese Fighting Fish – The white platinum crowntail betta became popular betta fish a long time ago. These bettas often seeing in the trade and many betta breeders bred these types.

As their name, they have metallic grayish-white body coloration along the body, start from the head until the end of their fins.

They also have a beautiful spikey crown appearance on their fins. The good quality of these bettas type, the fish should have a clean body-colored, healthy body, and a neat crown appearance on their fins.

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Now the white platinum bettas not also only in crowntail from, but many betta breeders cross-bred the white platinum betta with other tail types selectively. It makes the amazing new appearance of white platinum betta.

Not quite hard to found the Crowntail White Platinum Betta, they generally available at fish stock shops or on marketplace sites such as Amazon or eBay.

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It’s a sample of cute pure White Platinum Crowntail Betta Fish. He has a clean and tidy coloration covered all the bodies of him. He also has interesting eyes, in some photo below he looks like an angry in another his eyes looks so cute. Now, Let’s See Him!!!

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Buy The White Platinum Crowntail Betta On Amazon

Buy The White Platinum Crowntail Betta On eBay

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