The Most Beautiful Live Male Soft Gold Dumbo Ears Halfmoon Plakat (HMPK) Tail Betta Splendens Fish

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The Most Beautiful Live Male Soft Gold Dumbo Ears Halfmoon Plakat (HMPK) Tail Betta Splendens Fish – The Halfmoon Plakat Tail Dumbo Ear Betta Fish is another terrific living creature in the tank. This specimen is going popular now and many hobbyists hunt for this betta.

As its name, this betta fish has very big a pair of pectoral fins (Dumbo) and also called elephant ears betta because of the size. The size of its ears makes the specimen of this variety very different and interesting.

This betta variety also has a nice gold coloration on the body. In some cases, there is some betta that has solid gold coloration along their body and some betta has a soft gold / pale gold in part of his body.

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The gold betta species first created by Asian betta breeders and now this fish easily found in almost all countries in the world, for example, the USA, UK, and Germany.

Besides the HMPK form, now the gold betta also comes with other tail types. In online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, the gold betta combined with a longer tail, standard ears, has the spiky fins appearance or combined with other patterns like butterfly or koi patterns.

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See Also Another HMPK Betta Fish Specimen:

It’s a sample of the beautiful HMPK Gold Dumbo Ears Betta Fish. This betta has very big ears with white platinum-colored. The main body has white goldish coloration and the fins have a perfect gold coloration. Let’s see him!!

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