The Most Beautiful Live Female Koi Fancy Halfmoon Plakat (HMPK) Tail Betta Siamese Fighting Fish

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The Most Beautiful Live Female Koi Fancy Halfmoon Plakat (HMPK) Tail Betta Siamese Fighting Fish – The betta fish is also known as siamese fighting fish. They are categorized as territorial fish. These specimens are members of the gourami family. They’re origins from the Mekong basin located in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. 

Generally, the female betta fish has a shorter body than the male. It can get up to 2.25 inches, while the male can reach up to 2.6 inches. Now, female betta fish comes with many patterns, and tailed types make a good looking appearance.

For the sample, the female koi betta fish more iridescent than the traditional female betta, which only has one color like a brown or blue colored. In some cases, some female betta has a pale-colored body that the reason why female bettas not many hobbyists add them to their collections.

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For the betta breeders, the female bettas is a treasure trove. It because, to achieve great male bettas need a very high-quality mother of betta.

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Frequently the breeders did not sell high-quality female bettas on trades. They prefer to do not sell it and choose to keep it for the next breeding to result in the fry with good quality and make more money by selling the adult fish later.

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It a sample of the high-quality female koi fancy betta fish. She has a white-fleshy body-based with the sparkling iridescent. This girl is categorized as an HMPK tail with more eggs in her stomach.  Let’s see her!!

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