The Best Live Male Lavender Butterfly Halfmoon Tail Betta Splendens Fish

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The Best Live Male Lavender Butterfly Halfmoon Tail Betta Splendens Fish – The Halfmoon Lavender Butterfly Betta Fish (Betta Splenden) is a high-grade coloration fish with a traditional longfin variety.

The lavender butterfly betta becomes one of the popular betta combination varieties besides other betta varieties.

This type becomes famous among the fish hobby because has beautiful pattern colorations. And now, these bettas almost available around the world countries.

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As its name, the lavender butterfly betta has a light shade of purple color that refers to the true lavender flower. And the “butterfly” refers to the betta pattern which has a solid body color with fins shading to cellophane.

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Such as among the halfmoon betta types, this betta also has long and wider fins. And it will see very pretty when flared because its fins become wider like a hand fan appearance.

A pretty creature like this creates by selectively cross-breeding. And where the bettas grow going to mature, the breeders often filtering them to get a high-quality lavender butterfly betta

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Now, many betta breeders breed the lavender butterfly betta and produce any betta like that with another appearance such as lavender butterfly betta with short and spiky crown fins appearance.

Generally, the lavender butterfly bettas can found at the local fish shop or an online marketplace like Amazon and eBay.

It’s a sample of Halfmoon Lavender Butterfly Betta Fish, this guy has pale lavender coloration on the main body. And in apart of fins the lavender color going to strong and solid. Like other butterfly types, another part of its fins becomes translucent. Let’s see him!!

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Another Lavender Butterfly Halfmoon Betta Fish With Solid Body-Colored:



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