The Best Freshwater Algae Eaters Fish Thomasi Pleco Or Bulldog Pleco

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The Best Freshwater Algae Eaters Fish Thomasi Pleco Or Buldog Pleco These specimens regarded by various titles such as the Bulldog Pleco, Rubber Lip Pleco, Rubbernose Pleco, etc. You can keep this pleco species in groups of three or more so they can live happily within their own place but using the company of other’s pleco. 
They tend to look for decaying plants and excess foodstuffs and are effective scavengers.
The Thomasi Pleco fish can reach 6″ in length and generally exhibit a docile temperament. Both of these attributes make sure they are ideally suited for community aquariums and tropical planted aquariums
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These pleco varieties are good at blending in their environment. Many fish keepers could keep these fish in a group of 3 or more. It gives a better opportunity to see them move freely in the tank. It also gives more effectively for the pleco to eating the decaying plants and excess foodstuffs.

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These pleco fish are also known in some traditional names as C, L187b. cf. 
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The Thomasi Pleco tends to eat the algae and some decaying plants found on the aquatic plants which still alive, aquarium rocks, wood, walls, or substrate.
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Overall, Bulldog Pleco is not a picky eater and can happily eat many leftover foods and other fish foods.
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Aquarium Care

Bulldog Pleco (L187b) (Chaestostoma thomasi) are generally origin from higher-level mountain streams that populate the upper portion of South America. Their habitat is among fast-moving streams containing lush plant vegetation and highly oxygenated water. 
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They have evolved to require high dissolved of oxygen quantities, although strong water currents aren’t required for their well being.
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Enthusiasts should ensure that plenty of dissolved oxygen is launched to the water, both with a powerhead or wet /dry trickle filter. While they reside in streams using a large-volume of water going through their local environment can also be very low in dissolved nutrients. 
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Behavior and Compatibility’

The expret fish keeper suggest tankmates should be selected with carefully, although this pleco being friendly towards other fish. Great choices include rheophilic cichlid species, for example, Retroculus characins, Loricariids, or the African Steatocranus and lots of cyprinids. 
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Sexual Dimorphism

The male have slimmer ventral edges, however, a bigger and significantly bigger head and disproportionately large pelvic fins. They avoid the sperm cells being caught too fast by inverting these over the clutch of eggs.

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