The Best And Handsome Live Male Black Copper Crowntail Betta Siamese Fighting Fish

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The Best And Handsome Live Male Black Copper Crowntail Betta Siamese Fighting Fish – The Crowntail Black Copper Betta fish is another great living betta fish specimen. This betta variety becomes an interested fish to be collected by the betta hobbyists on their tanks.

As its name, these betta types have a spikey crown fin appearance such as to generally betta fish from CT (crown tail) types.

Like another copper betta type, this fish is highly iridescent. Such as the most of copper type, this guy also has metallic scales makes his appearance is very impressive.

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The black-based body coloration gives him a fierce appearance which makes him is suitable to keep alone in nano planted tank

To create a CT betta fish like this type, need a selectively breeding method and also need a pair of high-quality mother bettas.

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Now The Black Copper Crowntail Betta Fish is distributed in almost all countries in the world and also many breeders breed this type. So you can easily find this betta in local fish stores or online marketplaces such as Amazon, Chewy, or eBay.

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It’s a sample of pretty Black Copper Crown Tail Betta Fish. It’s categorized as green copper betta variety.  The solid copper coloration and metallic effect on its body and fins are cool. The strong black color on his head makes his eyes almost unseen. Let’s see him!!

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