An Adorable Female Plakat Koi Betta Fish Get Stucked On Floating Plants

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An Adorable Female Plakat Koi Betta Fish Get Stucked On Floating Plants – We found something impressive content on Instagram about the female betta fish who get stuck in some floating plants. This foto and video take from our beloved Instagram creator @kammy_rium
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He writes on the caption (after translated) “Oh… I’ll tell you what happened… Let’s warm Koro-chan croquette for dinner and eat! By the way, I suddenly looked at the aquarium next to it… Is something jumping above the water? Approaching with a scary smartphone… One female betta stuck in the center of the weeding grass from the bottom, staring at the sky without making a slight movement… I was so scared that my hands trembled… Oh, it was a funny mistake 🤣 I was surprised! I pushed it back with my finger thinking that I shouldn’t get caught, but after 10 seconds the same thing happened again, so I left it. Lol Yeah, it still sticks out. Yes. Betta really… strange fish 🤣 Oh, the croquette has cooled 🤣.”
Let’s see the foto and videos!!
Copyright @kammy_rium
Copyright By @kammy_rium
Copyright By @kammy_rium

Copyright By @kammy_rium
Copyright By @kammy_rium

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