Freshwater Aquarium Resource Center

Welcome to Freshwater Aquarium Resource Center

You have arrived at the right place for obtaining all of the freshwater aquarium information you will need for starting and keeping your freshwater aquarium, knowledge really is the key to having an amazing aquarium.

Starting and caring for aquarium fish really doesn’t need to take a lot of time and money if you start right. There are a few types of aquariums you can keep: freshwater, brackish, or saltwater. Here we focus on freshwater aquariums, and are recommended if you are a beginner.

Next you will need to decide whether you would like to keep a tropical fish or a cold water aquarium. Once this is decided you will want to determine the fish community type and choose fish that will live in your aquarium well together. You can start with community fish that are not aggressive, or you can get more adventurous and start a tank with more aggressive tropical fish such as cichlids. Cichlids are a favorite of mine. I would recommend a community tank, but most importantly it is good to start with hardy fish. You will also want to determine the space you have available for a fish tank. You will want to put your fish aquarium in an area where the temperature is fairly stable (e.g. Not next to a window). The size of your aquarium will determine how large or how small the investment you will make, so take that into consideration. Also, keep in mind that if you buy an aquarium that is too small to begin with, you may upgrade soon thereafter. You can get a lot of the equipment used at an inexpensive price.

Lastly, this freshwater aquarium resource will continue to grow, so come back and visit.  Cheers.